What Do Property Management Companies Do?

Hiring property management companies helps protect and enhance the value of your building and ensures the ideal living environment for tenants. But what can you expect from property management companies on a daily basis? Let’s explore the work of the … Continue reading

Rental Property Management Mistakes to Avoid

Becoming a landlord and operating a rental property can be a profitable business. But first-time landlords and those with limited experience in rental property management often encounter several challenges navigating the rental property market and overseeing the property while handling … Continue reading

10 Reasons We Provide The Best Strata Management In Surrey

If you’re looking for the best strata management in Surrey, you want a company that stands out for their expertise and experience. A strata management company will assist a strata council in managing the building and property. A strata must … Continue reading

What To Expect From Your Strata Management Company

In British Columbia, many commercial and residential buildings operate as a strata. This means that individual property owners share common ownership of parts of the building as well as ownership of their individual lot. A strata management company can help … Continue reading

8 Tips on Increasing the Value of Your Rental Properties

Increasing the value of your rental properties can increase the rental rates you can ask for. Generating higher returns is a key component of rental property management. Responsibly growing the income created from investment rental properties is attractive to all … Continue reading

Trusted as an Award-Winning Top Property Management Company

Pacific Quorum Properties has been awarded the Top Choice Award in Vancouver for the 11th year in a row as a top property management company. The management team is pleased to, once again, acknowledge this award. The Top Choice Award … Continue reading

8 Benefits of Property Management

Hiring a property management company can save you the time and stress of managing rental and strata properties. Professional property managers are educated and experienced in the day-to-day operations and responsibilities of managing a property, as well as long-term capital … Continue reading

9 Reasons To Hire A Property Manager

9 Reasons To Hire A Property Manager A property manager can provide expertise and save you time and stress. For many rental or investment property owners, hiring a qualified individual or company to help look after their property can make … Continue reading

Rental Management: How to Minimize Maintenance Costs For Your Rental Property

Rental Management: How to Minimize Maintenance Costs For Your Rental Property Rental management of a rental or investment property includes finding the right balance of keeping a property in a well-cared-for condition and not overspending. Most property owners that rent … Continue reading

Rental Property Management Inspections in BC

When owning rental property, a key part of rental property management is to conduct inspections. Regular inspections keep the property in excellent condition and provide an opportunity to proactively address any issues. Rental property owners should conduct these regular inspections … Continue reading

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