Commercial Administrative Services

Commercial Administrative Services

PQ Online

We provide online access to important documents specific to your property (notices, financial statements) through a password-protected site.  Electronic notification of important documents provides critical information to you and your tenants in real-time.


All correspondence received from tenants and others will be reviewed and responded to by our Property Managers in a timely fashion.  We also provide advice with respect to issues arising from correspondence received.


All contracts needed in the operation of your property will be negotiated and finalized on your behalf.  We ensure that your property’s interests are protected within all contracts.  We perform lease management functions, as necessary, and administer contracts.

Real Estate Services Act 

We ensure compliance with the Real Estate Services Act with respect to the handling of all trust monies and the management and administration of all trust bank accounts.  All property managers are licensed as stipulated within the Real Estate Services Act.

Tenants List

We maintain a dedicated database of all pertinent information regarding your tenants and tenant leases, maintained in accordance with Privacy requirements.