10 Reasons We Provide The Best Strata Management In Surrey

10 Reasons We Provide The Best Strata Management In Surrey

If you’re looking for the best strata management in Surrey, you want a company that stands out for their expertise and experience. A strata management company will assist a strata council in managing the building and property. A strata must operate according to the laws in the Strata Property Act, with oversight by a strata manager knowledgeable in applying those laws. We’ve built our reputation on years of experience in proactive, diligent strata management.

Let’s explore why you might choose us to manage your strata building.

Largest Locally-Owned Property Management Company With a Local Presence

Our company includes a network throughout BC. This means you get access to a wide network outside of Surrey. This can help you to tap into other markets or to stay ahead of the knowledge curve of what is happening in other locations.

We have an advantage in understanding the British Columbia marketplace as a company that started and grew in BC. Our team members understand the history of BC stratas. Strata Managers on our team are licensed and experienced in understanding the Strata Property Act and how it applies to the Surrey market. Staff are local community members and are invested in the areas they work in, and bring that passion to your building.

Robust Management

Strata Managers care about your building and the people they work alongside. Our years of experience working in this local market means you gain an extensively trained team structured to address all your day-to-day requirements. All properties we manage have a dedicated Strata Manager, Property Administrator, Property Accountant, and a Senior Management team member.

Access to Senior Team Members

Local offices and strata managers have years of experience, but they also have access to our senior strata managers to provide additional support when needed. Additional support might involve helping guide the strata through legal matters or advising on capital projects. We have the range of experience for all strata council requirements.

Focus on Local Contractors

Through our work, we support our local communities. We hire local contractors and tradespeople. We know emergencies happen. So we have a 24-hour emergency phone line for building maintenance issues. Our emergency line includes screening so that only emergencies are handled after hours to keep your costs down.

Document Access Online

Council and Owners of your Strata Corporation have access to an online portal to stay informed and make it easier to access documents. Pacific Quorum Properties developed this proprietary online system, which is unique to our clients. Your strata building will have access to real-time updates and document processing. Find out more here about our features for strata councils. Or ask us for a demo!

Work with Developers

One of the services we provide is consulting and working with developers. Our experienced team members offer startup services for strata properties. Our background knowledge can help buildings in the initial stages of converting to a strata council.

The Services You Need

Strata properties are unique with differing requirements. We understand the range of buildings across the market and offer wide-ranging options to stratas in Surrey.

We provide comprehensive strata property management services for buildings that require full support. Those with more limited requirements can contract our team for specific management needs. Our services include property management, administrative services, financial management, and custom packages. Consulting services are also available to address ongoing needs.

Relationships with Key Vendors to Pass on Savings to You

We’re always looking to add value to our clients. Developing great relationships with reputable insurance vendors allows us access to all insurance companies. With these relationships in place, we can get superior coverage for your strata at the lowest pricing.

Delivering Quality Services

We regularly send quality review surveys to strata councils to ensure we continually meet expectations. We work to handle all issues and address all problems uncovered. Our surveys open the lines of communication so we can address future needs as they arise.

Community Endeavours

One of our core values is to help make a difference in our local communities. One of the ways we do that is by giving back to the communities we work in. We have an annual food bank drive and work with Habitat for Humanity on projects that benefit communities throughout BC.

We Want to Work With You! If you’re looking for strata management surrey or other parts of BC, contact us for a proposal. We provide strata management services throughout British Columbia in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Whistler/Squamish, Vancouver Island, and the Okanagan Valley. Tell us a bit more about your needs, and one of our team members will get back to you on how we can help.

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