Kelowna Property Management

Kelowna Property Management

As Kelowna’s most trusted property management company, Pacific Quorum leads the Okanagan market with our ability to help building owners consistently enhance the value of their buildings and attract qualified local tenants. Our province-wide footprint and local Kelowna strata management and rental management network combine to bring clients throughout the region best-in-class service options built based on proven best practices and custom tailored to their local buildings.

Decades of Kelowna Property Management Leadership

When you select Pacific Quorum as your Kelowna property management firm, you’ll work with a dedicated local team with years of experience serving in Kelowna and throughout the Okanagan Valley. Pacific Quorum is a noted leader for the management of all types of building, including:

 Commercial Property Management

From commercial strata buildings to recreation facilities, we work with commercial property owners to streamline management processes and help meet their highest ownership objectives. As commercial property managers, our team oversees all elements of the tenant-owner relationship, facilitating communications and ensuring seamless transactions.

Strata Property Management

Pacific Quorum manages commercial stratas and residential stratas throughout Kelowna and the surrounding communities. Our accounting department helps your team manage its strata finances with precision, while our local building maintenance teams respond expertly to tenant requests and keep the property in pristine open-house-ready condition. 

Residential Property Management

Pacific Quorum sets the highest standards for residential property management. We understand the dynamics of the Kelowna residential marketplace, helping property owners, market, maintain and manage their buildings. Whether you’re hoping to attract a higher quality tenant profile or you’re a new investor and require experienced residential building management guidance, Pacific Quorum is the Kelowna expert.

What Can Pacific Quorum Bring to Your Kelowna Property?

Pinpoint Marketing 

Pacific Quorum’s team understands the Okanagan marketplace and how to attract, qualify, and sign new tenants to our clients’ buildings. Our marketing strategies are custom built for the local audience and to reach your target tenant profile. It’s an approach to marketing that minimizes vacancies and ensures a consistent flow of qualified tenants.

A Full On-Site Management Team

Led by a dedicated property manager, you’ll have access to a property management team 24/7. Your management team includes those with experience in accounting, maintenance, and marketing, ensuring any questions you or your tenants might have can be addressed in the moment by professionals with a comprehensive background. 

PQ Online

PQ Online is your versatile operational management tool, giving you complete transparency into your building projects and tasks. Through PQ Online, Kelowna property owners have access to building budget data, purchase orders and upgrade quotes. The service also includes an interactive dashboard for simple communication between property stakeholders.

Community Leaders Serving Kelowna and the Okanagan

Pacific Quorum takes great pride in our role serving communities throughout British Columbia. Within this role we’ve built connections with non-profit organizations and supported community development projects in Kelowna and throughout the province. 

Our Community Work Includes:

Raising Money for Food Banks Across BC

The annual Pacific Quorum food drive has helped provide 53,153 meals to people in need since we began the initiative in 2012. The company now fundraises for food banks throughout British Columbia, helping support food security across the province.

Habitat for Humanity Projects

Pacific Quorum is committed to working with Habitat for Humanity and supporting the organization’s goal of providing affordable housing for local families. The company’s team volunteers their time and expertise in helping Habitat for Humanity expand their projects across B.C.

Local Sports Sponsors

Pacific Quorum is also a proud sponsor of local children’s sports teams and works with organizations across Kelowna to ensure kids have access to sports activities in their community.

Tailored Property Management Strategies for Your Kelowna Building

We’re bringing property management expertise, leadership, and large-scale resources to local Kelowna building owners. Discover the Pacific Quorum difference by requesting your custom property management proposal.

How to Get to Our Kelowna, BC Property Management Office

Kelowna, BC Office

1979 Bredin Rd, Kelowna, BC V1Y 8T2

Phone: 250-868-3383

OPEN MONDAY to FRIDAY 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM