PQ Online for Buildings


PQ ONLINE was developed to provide Pacific Quorum’s clients with online services tailored to enhance efficiency, communication, and convenience for both owners and strata council/board members. This helps to reduce operating expenses for the strata corporation/shareholders.


PQ Online - Demo


  • Meeting Minutes: Online access and email notification of the latest Meeting Minutes
  • Bulletin Board: Online access and email notification of notices issued by the strata council/board members, property manager, or site staff
  • Owner/Strata Emails: Owner maintained email address directory available for use in strata corporation/shareholder business
  • My Info: Online owner updates for contact details and emergency contact information
  • Strata Fees: Online access to strata fee amounts and payment method option
  • Bylaws: Online access to Bylaws, Amendments, and Rules
  • Financial Statements: Online access to the latest Financial Statements
  • Service Requests: Online submission of non-emergency service requests
  • Contact Info: Online access to important contact information, such as caretaker, property manager, accounts department, etc.
  • Insurance:  Online access to strata corporation insurance coverage and appraisal information
  • Building Reports:  Pertinent building reports maintained online, including depreciation report, engineering report, maintenance report (as applicable)
  • Special Projects:  Online access and notification of important notices/documents related to a capital project
  • Amenities: Online access to information and rules pertaining to amenities (if applicable)


Strata council level includes all owner-level features, plus:

  • Strata Council Bulletin Board: Email notification of meeting agenda packages and pertinent notices related to Strata Council business.
  • Purchase Orders:  Efficiently monitor work and services being performed at your property with online access to Purchase Orders.  PQ Online is updated in real-time as purchase orders are issued by your property manager to trades.


  • Quote Requests:  Keep informed of Quote Requests issued to various trades in order to prompt quotations
  • Quotes:  Receive notification of quotes received from trades for Council member viewing.
  • Owner/Strata Emails: View all owners registered to your property’s PQ Online (including owner email addresses, for use in strata corporation business
  • Financial Statements:  Online access and email notification of the latest financial statements and Treasurer’s Financial Statement package
  • Property Information Sheet:  Easy access to important building information, including strata council and preferred trade contact details
  • Correspondence:  Keep informed of various correspondence sent to Owners, such as bylaw warning/violation letters, lien warning letters, new owner welcome letters, modification approval letters, etc.
  • Directives Management: Provides an automated system for your property manager to record, organize, manage, and report on the status of action item lists (also known as “directives”) for your property.   It provides one location for Council members to view the status and completion dates of directives


Enhanced Communication

  • Immediate electronic notification of notices and meeting minutes issued by the strata council / board members or property manager
  • Easy access to pertinent strata/corporation operations and management contact information
  • On-line submission of non-emergency service requests
  • Owner-maintained email addresses, for strata corporation business purposes
  • Strata council/Board members are kept up to date on repairs and services, and can access Purchase Orders


  • Strata corporation bylaws, and other pertinent information is readily available and kept up-to-date
  • No work required on the part of the strata council, fully maintained by Pacific Quorum
  • Easy to use


  • Password protected
  • Unique password protection for strata council level access
  • Passwords are revoked when units are sold
  • All data backed up on Pacific Quorum servers

Cost Savings

  • Significantly reduce photocopy and postage expenses through the PQ ONLINE electronic distribution of meeting minutes and notices to owners, and financial statements to the strata council/board members.

For more information on PQ ONLINE, please contact: info@pacificquorum.com