How Pacific Quorum Helps Multifamily Property Investors Thrive with Hands-on Management

How Pacific Quorum Helps Multifamily Property Investors Thrive with Hands-on Management

Only property managers with decades of experience and a clear understanding of the multifamily market can ensure multifamily property investors meet their portfolio goals. Pacific Quorum has become one of BC’s foremost strata property management companies by developing multifamily property-specific strategies to ensure the success of their clients’ buildings and to assure tenant comfort. 

Investors in the multifamily space call Pacific Quorum for management services when they require:

Regulatory Expertise

Our property management team includes specialists with a broad range of regulatory expertise. We have accountants on staff to help investors streamline their billing work and mitigate potential issues during tax season. We employ legal experts to help multifamily building owners respond to tenant issues and ensure city and provincial regulatory compliance during building upgrade work. Our focused approach to the latest regulations minimizes property investors’ risk.

Marketing Guidance

Few companies can match the breadth and footprint of Pacific Quorum in the British Columbia multifamily market. We manage strata properties throughout the province, ensuring our clients achieve pinpoint details on their target demographics. Whether you own a building in PentictonVancouver, or Salmon Arm, we have the local marketing expertise to help you attract, qualify, and onboard your perfect tenant.

Ongoing Maintenance Support

Properties within the multifamily marketplace require ongoing maintenance support from local professionals with experience in large-scale maintenance work. We hire only the most qualified technicians for jobs within our client properties. Dedicated property managers coordinate maintenance services, who assign jobs and help ensure teams complete any required maintenance and repairs to the highest of industry standards. 

Financial Management Services

Operating a multifamily building involves many hundreds of transactions on a monthly basis. Pacific Quorum’s team includes qualified accountants and financial services professionals who can help building owners with budget analysis and rental payment processing. Working directly with Pacific Quorum’s financial management experts helps building owners reduce their workload considerably and ensures any delay in paying vendors or receiving rental payments from tenants is quickly identified and resolved.

Development Guidance

When expanding your property and would like to streamline the process of applying for permits and analyzing bylaw constraints, you can turn to Pacific Quorum for guidance on your development projects. We help multifamily property owners comply with the regulations and permitting requirements in the development phase of their projects. 

A key element of our service is helping multifamily building owners create their disclosure statements. Pacific Quorum has decades of experience drafting comprehensive disclosure statements, including forming strata budgets and fee schedules, setting up bylaws, and writing the founding strata documentation. We’ve overseen many successful development projects throughout British Columbia and can help building owners reduce expenses and the timeline involved in property development.

Turn to Pacific Quorum for Hands-on Management of Multifamily Buildings

Pacific Quorum helps multifamily building owners maximize return on investment in their property and helps nurture the ideal day-to-day experience for property tenants. To discover more about your multifamily property management options through Pacific Quorum, request your free management proposal today! 








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