Property Management


Property Management through Meaningful Connections

Our Commercial Management services include:

TENANT SERVICES – We advise and manage all aspects of the landlord/tenant relationship.  We address tenant concerns, field inquiries, and respond to emergencies.  Contracts are maintained in accordance with your investment objectives.

MAINTENANCE – We manage maintenance requirements of your property.  We ensure qualified trades with appropriate insurance and WorkSafe coverage are utilized.  Approval is obtained before proceeding with expenditures over the pre-determined expenditure limit.   We regularly monitor all building systems, including fire alarms, elevators, and emergency plans and procedures.

24-HOUR MAINTENANCE EMERGENCY SERVICE – We maintain a 24-hour maintenance emergency telephone number, for use by all tenants of the property.  We promptly attend to all maintenance emergencies, so as to mitigate further damages and/or inconvenience to tenants, while screening to ensure that only emergencies are handled after hours.

TRADE SUPERVISIONWe monitor the quality and successful completion of repairs and projects performed on your property, while insuring that all trades have appropriate WorkSafe coverage and insurance.

LONG TERM PLANNINGA Long Term Plan can be established for your property, incorporating future capital projects, such as roof replacement and exterior painting.

STAFF SUPERVISION – We prepare/review job descriptions for your site staff, supervise and provide training to ensure they are delivering quality service to your property.

INSURANCE – We provide access to our Master Client Insurance Program, which includes the highest of industry standard coverages available, with very competitive rates.  We also provide advice with respect to the use of, and administration of your insurance policy, so as to minimize future premium and deductible increases.

INSURANCE APPRAISAL – We provide access to our Master Appraisal Program, which provides your property with a quality replacement cost valuation at competitive rates, for insurance purposes.

SITE INSPECTIONSOur Property Managers perform regular site inspections of your property; this includes monitoring work in progress, ensuring completed projects are to standard, and monitoring the performance of on-site staff and contractors.

LEGAL / ARBITRATION – We attend quasi-judicial hearings on behalf of your property, such as arbitration hearings and settlement conferences resulting from Small Claims Court actions. We are able to liaise with legal counsel, as required.

FINANCIAL STATEMENTS – Our dedicated in-house Accounting department produces monthly financial statements recording an accurate accounting of all revenue and expenses (including rents and fees received). You or your designated accountant will receive a detailed financial statement by the 15th business day of each month, including bank statements and reconciliations, general ledger, invoice and cheque copies.

ANNUAL BUDGET – We prepare the operating budget for your property, including year-end figures and/or projections. Year-end tenant operating expense adjustments are also prepared and distributed.

OPERATING EXPENSE RECOVERIES – We calculate and administer the appropriate tenant operating expense recoveries in accordance with tenant leases.

RENTAL FEE COLLECTIONS – We attend to the regular collection of rental fees and aggressively pursue arrears using proven methods, ensuring maximum cash flow to your property.  We also administer tenant charge-backs.

PAYROLL ADMINISTRATIONWe provide comprehensive payroll services for site staff, where required, ensuring all employment requirements and remittances are met and properly administered on your behalf.

PAYMENT OPTIONS – For the convenience of our clients, we offer the use of pre-authorized bank debit, online banking, and post-dated cheques, for the payment of rent fees.

TRADE/UTILITY PAYMENTS – We maintain strong relationships with our trades by ensuring that all approved invoices are paid promptly. Utilities are paid online and on time.  We handle all payables including building staff salaries, non-tenant utility costs, fees for contract services, supplies, repair and maintenance, as well as advertising and management expenses.

BANK ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT – Separate trust accounts are maintained for your property, administered in accordance with the requirements of the Real Estate Services Act.



PQ ONLINE – We provide online access to important documents specific to your property (notices, financial statements) through a password-protected site.  Electronic notification of important documents provides critical information to you and your tenants in real-time.

CORRESPONDENCE – All correspondence received from tenants and others will be reviewed and responded to by our Property Managers in a timely fashion.  We also provide advice with respect to issues arising from correspondence received.

CONTRACTS – All contracts needed in the operation of your property will be negotiated and finalized on your behalf.  We ensure that your property’s interests are protected within all contracts.  We perform lease management functions, as necessary, and administer contracts.

REAL ESTATE SERVICES ACT – We ensure compliance with the Real Estate Services Act with respect to the handling of all trust monies and the management and administration of all trust bank accounts.  All property managers are licensed as stipulated within the Real Estate Services Act.

TENANTS LIST – We maintain a dedicated database of all pertinent information regarding your tenants and tenant leases, maintained in accordance with Privacy requirements.