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Strata property management companies manage the day-to-day operations and long-term performance of a building containing separate units. Strata managers represent the best interests of strata property owners and support strata council, handling management duties including financial administration and strata building maintenance. 

Strata managers at Pacific Quorum facilitate payments to tradespeople and collect payments from owners for property development. They oversee all maintenance of strata building common areas and owners and manage communications with tenants. Hiring an experienced, reputable strata management company helps your strata council allocate resources more efficiently, enhance the value of your building, and ensure the optimal experience for building tenants.

Custom Strata Management Services

We are British Columbia’s largest, locally-owned and operated property management company, but our focus remains on people. Through our strong relationships and partnerships we consistently deliver on service excellence, building a foundation of trust and confidence for our clients. We are passionate about property management and understand everything related to all aspects of property management including strata management.

We know that every property is different and our strata management service is customized for each client. Our full-service management includes our building management, financial management and administrative services as one package. We will take care of every aspect of property management and report to you. 

Each of our management service deliveries can also be customized to create a solution that works for your building. 

1. Building Management

Maintenance of the building with 24-hour emergency service, long-term planning and depreciation reports, insurance and appraisals, Council and annual/general meetings, site inspections, and legal arbitration. These are some of the services we provide clients to manage buildings on behalf of the strata.

PQ Okanagan is providing strata management services at SOPA Square in Kelowna.

2. Financial Management

Maintaining accurate financial records and statements, preparing annual budgets, issuing payments and collecting, and managing the contingency fund fall under our financial management services.

3. Administrative Services

Our in-house developed online access allows for easy access of building specific documents for each property. We can also provide meeting minutes, bylaw administration, contracts, owners/tenants database, and guidance to strata councils. 

Strata Management FAQ

What Type of Strata Financial Management Services Does Pacific Quorum Offer?

Pacific Quorum has a dedicated accounting department to handle all financial statements, strata fee statements, and bank accounts for your strata corporation. We can also help your strata corporation manage its annual budget and any special assessments. In addition, Pacific Quorum has a secure payment system for managing fee collection, payroll administration, and utility payments.

How Does PQ Online Help Support Strata Document Management?

PQ Online is a centralized strata document management system connecting strata owners, strata councils, and property managers. As the hub for all building documents, PQ Online helps reduce your printing, copying, and general paper costs. The system also helps provide quick access to data on building repairs, tenant issues, and general property updates.

Why Choose Pacific Quorum for Strata Property Management?

Pacific Quorum is a true leader within the BC strata management industry. We have over 25 years of experience developing strata management systems, applications, and services to support building owners across the province. We now manage a broad range of strata properties, providing custom management services honed through decades of industry success.

Our Strata Property Portfolio

Our Strata Management Buildings in Vancouver

Some of the properties we work with include:

  • Residential strata property

  • Commercial strata property

  • Hotel strata property

  • Mixed-use strata property

  • Small strata property

  • Investor-owned strata property

  • Strata Corporations

  • Leaseholds

  • Co-ops or Co-operative Housing

  • Multi-unit buildings

  • Townhouse complexes

Please request a proposal or contact us to discuss how we can provide you with full-service strata management or a customized solution for the property.

What To Expect From Your Strata Management Company

10 Reasons We Provide The Best Strata Management In Surrey

Pacific Quorum offers strata property management services throughout Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Whistler & the Sea to Sky Corridor, the Okanagan Valley, and Vancouver Island.