Administrative Services

Administrative Services

Property Management through Meaningful Connections

Our comprehensive Strata Property Management services include:

PQ Online

We provide online access to important documents specific to your strata property (meeting minutes, notices, financial statements) through a password-protected site.  Electronic notification of important documents provides critical information to owners in real-time. View our PQ ONLINE Demo

Strata Bylaw Administration

Bylaws are reviewed by our Strata Property Managers to ensure their adequacy and clarity.  We will attend to Bylaw infractions as directed by Strata Council.


All correspondence received from owners and residents will be reviewed and responded to by our Property Managers in a timely fashion.

Meeting Minutes

We prepare concise, well written minutes of all regular Council, Annual or Special General Meetings, and ensure their timely distribution.


All contracts needed in the operation of your strata property will be negotiated and finalized on your behalf.  We ensure that your property’s interests are protected within all contracts.

Strata Property Act Interpretation

We provide regular guidance in respect to the interpretation of the Strata Property Act as it pertains to the day to day operation and administration of your property.

Real Estate Services Act

We ensure compliance with the Real Estate Services Act with respect to the handling of all trust monies and the management and administration of all trust bank accounts.  All property managers are licensed as stipulated within the Real Estate Services Act.

Owners’/Tenants List

We maintain a dedicated database of all pertinent information regarding your Owners and Tenants, maintained in accordance with Privacy requirements.


We maintain a dedicated database of all pertinent parking and locker assignment information regarding your property.

Form “K” Notice of Tenant’s Undertaking

We ensure Form “K” – Notice of Tenant’s Undertaking documents are on file for all tenants residing within your Strata Corporation.

Forms/Documents Requests

We issue applicable documents and forms as requested by owners, realtors, and lawyers for property sales, re-mortgaging, and title transfers within your strata corporation.

3/4 Vote Resolution

We provide guidance to your Strata Council about the use and requirement of 3/4 Vote Resolutions.

Pacific Quorum offers strata property management services throughout Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Whistler & the Sea to Sky Corridor, the Okanagan Valley and Vancouver Island.