Building Management

Building Management

Strata Building Management Services Throughout British Columbia

Our comprehensive Strata Property Management services include:


We manage maintenance requirements of your strata property.  We ensure that we use qualified trades with appropriate insurance and WorkSafe coverage.  Approval is obtained before proceeding with expenditures over the pre-determined expenditure limit.

24-Hour Maintenance Emergency Service

We maintain a 24-hour maintenance emergency telephone number, for use by all residents of your strata property.  We promptly attend to all maintenance emergencies, so as to mitigate further damages and/or inconvenience to residents, while screening to ensure that only emergencies are handled after hours.

Trade Supervision

We monitor the quality and successful completion of repairs and projects performed on your property, while insuring that all trades have appropriate WorkSafe coverage and insurance.

Long Term Planning

A Long Term Plan can be established for your strata corporation, incorporating future capital projects, such as roof replacement and exterior painting.

Depreciation Report

We will assist with the preparation and administration of a Depreciation Report approved for implementation at your strata property.

Staff Supervision

We prepare/review job descriptions for your strata corporation’s site staff, supervise and provide training to ensure they are delivering quality service to your property.


We provide access to our Master Client Insurance Program, which includes the highest of industry standard coverages available, with very competitive rates.  We also provide advice with respect to the use of, and administration of your insurance policy, so as to minimize future premium and deductible increases.

Insurance Appraisal

We provide access to our Master Appraisal Program, which provides your strata with a quality replacement cost valuation at competitive rates, for insurance purposes.

Strata Council Meetings

Our Strata Property Managers attend your Strata Council meetings to report on general and specific common property issues, provide advice, input and recommendations with respect to the affairs of your strata, interpretation of the Strata Property Act and Bylaws, prepare and distribute minutes of the meeting, and report on correspondence received and issued.

Annual/Special General Meetings

We prepare and distribute meeting notices to your Owners in accordance with the Strata Property Act.  Our Strata Property Managers attend and chair meetings (upon request), and ensure they are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Strata Property Act.   We prepare and distribute minutes of your meetings.

Site Inspections

Our Strata Property Managers perform regular site inspections of your property; this includes monitoring work in progress, ensuring completed projects are to standard, and monitoring the performance of on-site staff and contractors.

Legal Arbitration

We attend quasi-judicial hearings on behalf of your strata corporation, such as arbitration hearings and settlement conferences resulting from Small Claims Court actions. We are able to liaise with legal counsel, as required.

Pacific Quorum offers strata property management services throughout Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Whistler & the Sea to Sky Corridor, the Okanagan Valley and Vancouver Island.