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“This year we switched management companies to Pacific Quorum. I just wanted to say how impressed we all are with our property manager. He has handled everything with such unexpected attention to detail. He responds to our inquiries right away. Something that we found frustrating with our previous company was a lack of good communication.We have been happily surprised on several occasions, for example when he has researched prices and brought samples for us. He has a thoughtful way of knowing what we will need and doing it before he is asked. Our property manager has also dealt with problem situations finding diplomatic and clever solutions that made us very grateful. I have to honestly say that we had no idea what we were missing before he came on board.”

N.P., Park 360, Burnaby

“I have been Council President for some time now.   The past two years our aging Town House Strata has given us a number of serious challenges which our Strata Manager patiently helped us get through them in a professional and reasonable manner.   We look forward to working with her in the coming new year.”

R.B., Leisure Gardens, West Kelowna

“Pacific Quorum has been most helpful during this difficult time of transition for my mom and myself. I am presently assisting my mom with her financial needs and trying to keep things organized with respect to her condo property. Their Senior Property Accountant has been very helpful with my requests and returns my emails in such a prompt manner. I feel that I could count on their assistance when needed. Thank you for all your help!!!”

M.M., Harvard Place, Vancouver

“I am very happy with the service Pacific Quorum provides for our property.  I would highly recommend your firm to service any Strata.  Our Property Manager is working hard for our complex!”

A.S, Springdale Manor President, Springer Avenue, Burnaby

“Thanks for sticking by us and directing our various teams over the past 12 years…for keeping us safe and progressive in the complicated strata management business. Here’s to many future years under your direction.”

S.W., The Selkirk, 1199 Eastwood Street, Coquitlam

“You have a great team at PQ! At our AGM last night, our Property Manager ran a potentially contentious meeting really, really well. Two great people did a darned good job.”

B.S, MacKenzie Steps, New Westminster

“Pacific Quorum has a network of skilled tradesmen, and all scheduled/routine maintenance is performed in a timely manner.”

N.B., Nautica, 8989 Hudson Street, Vancouver

“We chose Pacific Quorum because they offered a competitive rate and services…our strata council made the right decision.”

D.M., Treasurer, Green Tree Village, 4102-4396 Garden Grove Drive, Burnaby

“The service that Mr. Peccia and his staff has provided us over the years has been nothing short of exceptional. For an investor looking to own a ‘hands-off and worry-free’ income property, Pacific Quorum Properties is the solution.”

T. C., Santa Rosa, 107 East Broadway, Vancouver

“What we really like about Pacific Quorum is their friendly, knowledgeable and resourceful approach.”

C.L., 1972 Robson Ltd., 1972 Robson Street, Vancouver

“The support and guidance we have received from Pacific Quorum Properties is second to none.”

Landmark Terrace Council members, 2277 McGill Street, Vancouver

“I have a great trust in Pacific Quorum’s ethics, efficiency and communication. They are pro-active, and this was exactly what we needed.”

J.T., Fuse Council member, 13929 Old Yale Road, Surrey

“Pacific Quorum has been our property manager for more than three years and follows decisions made by the Strata Council within a few days of our Strata meeting.”

C.K & D.L., Pine Court Council members, 1187 Pipeline Road, Coquitlam

“The Strata Council has been impressed with the services of Pacific Quorum.”

T.G., Seadale Place, 240 Mahon Avenue, North Vancouver