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“As a council member I am very pleased with our property manager’s professional approach and patience in dealing with our strata council. She is not judgmental and takes the time to deal with everyone’s personal views on an issue. She uses her experience to advise on how other strata councils have successfully dealt with similar issues that our strata may face”

C.J. Strata Council Member, Farrow Ridge, Coquitlam

“Just wanted to say how much I appreciate working with our Property Administrator to get things done for our Strata Council. She makes my job as Chairperson so much easier. She is prompt in getting the draft minutes out to us and accurate in making the corrections suggested. She is always so pleasant and patient with me. It is a pleasure dealing with her. Many thanks.”

D.M. Strata Chairperson, Mayfair Terrace, Port Coquitlam

“Our strata manager conducted our SGM very professionally, efficiently and practically by presenting the Resolutions, discussion, questions and vote. Well done!!”

D.N. Strata Council Member, Ocean Bay, Surrey

“We recently had our SGM and our strata manager Jean ran an excellent meeting. She was well prepared and knowledgeable when answering questions from owners.”

S.M. Strata Council Secretary, Ocean Bay, Surrey

“Our Annual General Meeting was well run and controlled by our property manager, Jean. She did an excellent job in assisting our president at the meeting. Thank you for a well-run AGM.”

D.T., Strata Council Member, Citadel Heights, Port Coquitlam

“Our property manager is very knowledgeable on the procedures for our AGM. She is reliable and keeps the meetings going and doesn’t let things lag or deteriorate. Very professional and thorough. In my opinion she is the best Property Manager we’ve had with PQ.”

J.H., Strata Council President, Emerald Park, Port Moody

“The strata council at Riverside Place has enjoyed the service we receive from our property accountant at Pacific Quorum.”

Strata Council, Riverside Place, Port Coquitlam

“It was our first time renting out our new condo for the summer so I was quite nervous. Our property manager was tremendous. She was upbeat, reassuring, assertive & knew how to get just the right renters by listening to what I wanted & by using a thorough selection process. She is well resourced and has access to a comprehensive support team who repair blinds, fit washing machines & promptly address any maintenance issues which is bonus. I would recommend her services and would feel very comfortable continuing our relationship next year.”

I.P., Rental Property Owner, Kelowna

“As a recent tenant at a rental property managed by Pacific Quorum, I had a very enjoyable experience working with our property manager. She was hands down the best landlord I have ever had!!”

A.P., Rental Tenant, Kelowna

“As a new owner at a building managed by Pacific Quorum in Burnaby, I had a couple of questions about my strata fees. Our property administrator quickly responded and did an excellent job answering all of my questions.”

M.S., Arcadia East, Burnaby

“As a new owner in a property managed by Pacific Quorum, our property manager has been incredibly attentive and helpful, providing clear and precise feedback to any questions I have sent his way. He has been courteous and efficient in his communication and I have been very impressed with him for going above and beyond in our communication so far.”

N.K. Remix, North Vancouver

“I’m very happy with the management services I receive from our property manager and Pacific Quorum. Recently, we were not happy with the quality of work on a window cleaning job at our unit. Our property manager acted quickly and had the window cleaning company come back to our unit to correct their work. I appreciate the prompt and polite way our property manager responds to emails and keeps projects on track. He goes beyond his duties to make sure the residents are happy.”

S.F. St. Andrews, Surrey

“I have enjoyed working with our property manager very much! He is knowledgeable and a thoroughly pleasant person.  His skill, knowledge and experience have assisted our strata council, and myself personally as the President, in ways you can’t imagine!”

J.M. Mayfield Green, Surrey

“The service we consistently receive from Pacific Quorum, as a management company, is exemplary. Professionalism at its best! As a property management company other companies should take their customer practices and learn from them. Their prompt attention on all matters, even on weekends and out of the office, leaves you with a sense of knowing you are taken care of. Thanks to our Property Manager especially, who responds at all hours and to our Property Administrator for their A+ service as always.”

N.T. Canvas, Vancouver

“We have come to rely on Pacific Quorum’s valuable guidance, insight and recommendations. Working with our property manager has made a world of difference in how we are able to move forward and manage this strata with efficiency and effectiveness, yet with care and concern for our owners.

F.D. Westmount Arms, New Westminster

“I have been Council President for some time now.   The past two years our aging Town House Strata has given us a number of serious challenges which our Strata Manager patiently helped us get through them in a professional and reasonable manner.   We look forward to working with her in the coming new year.”

R.B., Leisure Gardens, West Kelowna

“I am very happy with the service Pacific Quorum provides for our property.  I would highly recommend your firm to service any Strata.  Our Property Manager is working hard for our complex!”

A.S, Springdale Manor President, Springer Avenue, Burnaby

“Thanks for sticking by us and directing our various teams over the past 12 years…for keeping us safe and progressive in the complicated strata management business. Here’s to many future years under your direction.”

S.W., The Selkirk, 1199 Eastwood Street, Coquitlam

“Pacific Quorum has a network of skilled tradesmen, and all scheduled/routine maintenance is performed in a timely manner.”

N.B., Nautica, 8989 Hudson Street, Vancouver

“I have a great trust in Pacific Quorum’s ethics, efficiency and communication. They are pro-active, and this was exactly what we needed.”

J.T., Fuse Council member, 13929 Old Yale Road, Surrey

“Pacific Quorum has been our property manager for more than three years and follows decisions made by the Strata Council within a few days of our Strata meeting.”

C.K & D.L., Pine Court Council members, 1187 Pipeline Road, Coquitlam

“The Strata Council has been impressed with the services of Pacific Quorum.”

T.G., Seadale Place, 240 Mahon Avenue, North Vancouver