Property Management

Custom Strata Services

We understand that not all strata properties are looking for full strata management support. If your strata building is looking for external strata property management consulting or additional support, we can build a package of custom strata services. This can often be the case for smaller strata properties, self-managed strata, or self-managed owner corporations.

Our custom strata services consulting packages can be built for a specific project or for ongoing support. The key areas we provide strata consulting and guidance are in financial management, building management, or administrative services.

Strata Financial Management Custom Strata Services

Financial Statements and Bank Account Management

Financial aspects of strata management is an area often requiring external expertise. Our accounting department can manage the financial statements, individual strata fee statements, and bank accounts for your managed strata corporation. 

Handling of Payments

We have several payment options to manage strata fee collection, payroll administration, and trade/utility payments

Contingency Fund Advisement

As consultants, we can provide information about the investment of contingency funds. We recommend secure, liquid investment instruments, to maximize return on these funds, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Annual Budget and Special Assessments

We can review the annual budget and manage special assessments as needed. 

PQ Online

All our strata financial services can be accessed through our online system, PQ online, giving strata council members a secure, easy, accessible platform. 

Strata Building Management Custom Strata Services

Building Insurance

Insurance and appraisal is a key component of our strata consulting services. We have created a Master Client Insurance Program for strata properties, providing the highest industry standard coverages available, with very competitive rates. We can also consult and advise on the administration of your insurance policy, to minimize future premium and deductible increases. 

Building Appraisal Insurance

Our Master Appraisal Program provides your strata property with a quality replacement cost valuation at competitive rates, for insurance purposes.

Optional services we provide include:

  • Annual/special general meetings. Preparation and distribution of meeting notices to strata owners in accordance with the Strata Property Act. Our Strata Property Managers can also attend and chair meetings. 
  • 24 hour maintenance emergency service. All residents have a 24-hour maintenance emergency telephone number. We have a screening process to ensure that only emergencies are handled after hours.
  • Guidance on operational and industry matters.
  • Trade recommendations.

Strata Administration Custom Strata Services

We can help with maintaining records and adhering to relevant legal requirements in the administration of your strata property. 

Strata Property Act and Real Estate Services Act Interpretation

Our experienced, licensed strata property managers apply their guidance and knowledgeable advice on interpreting the strata property act and real estate services act. This can help inform the day-to-day operation and administration of your strata property, handling of all trust monies, and the management and administration of all trust bank accounts. 

Owner’s/Tenant’s Information

We maintain a database of applicable information for your strata property’s owners and tenants, including parking and locker assignments. All strata records are maintained in accordance with privacy requirements.

Document Administration

We issue documents and forms as requested by owners, realtors, and lawyers for property sales, remortgaging, and title transfers within your strata property. We ensure Form “K” (Notice of Tenant’s Undertaking) documents are on file for all tenants residing within your Strata Corporation.

¾ Vote Resolution

We provide guidance to your Strata Council about the use and requirement of 3/4 Vote Resolutions.

Please request a proposal or contact us to discuss how we can provide a tailored property management solution for the management of your strata property.

Pacific Quorum is a strata management company offering strata property management services throughout Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Whistler & the Sea to Sky CorridorVancouver Island, & the Okanagan Valley.