Teamwork Property Management integrates with Pacific Quorum Properties

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! TEAMWORK INTEGRATES OPERATIONS WITH PACIFIC QUORUM PROPERTIES INC. We are excited to announce that effective May 1, 2024, Teamwork Property Management, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Quorum Properties, will be integrated with its parent company. In order … Continue reading

How Property Management Companies Support Landlords

As a landlord, you’re under pressure to provide the ideal property for your tenants. This involves managing the finances of the building, attending to maintenance tasks, and helping ensure tenant safety. Property management companies can help relieve some of the burden and … Continue reading

How to Improve Rental Property Performance

Rental properties require hands-on, proactive management to maintain the highest performance levels and help you reach your investment growth goals.  With immense competition in the rental marketplace, following expert guidelines can help reduce vacancy rates and help improve the overall … Continue reading

Tips for Resolving Common Strata Council Challenges

As a strata council member, your responsibility is to make the best possible decisions for owners within your community. Strata councils require pinpoint organization and a comprehensive knowledge of the rules and regulations governing the property, their tenants, and the … Continue reading

Property Management Trends for 2024 

Trend analysis and data collection on the B.C. real estate market developments can help investors expand their portfolio footprint and generate growth in 2024 and beyond. Pacific Quorum has become Vancouver’s leading property management services provider through innovation and unparalleled … Continue reading

FAQs On Property Management for Investment Properties

As a real estate investor, your portfolio’s performance is your priority. But day-to-day activities taking place within each property require your attention and resources. Property management firms can help you scale your portfolio effectively and strengthen your reputation as a … Continue reading

A Guide to Strata Management: The Role of Your Strata Council

A strata council that understands its roles and responsibilities in supporting its community is the foundation of long-term strata management success. Strata council members are volunteers committed to the property’s safekeeping and addressing any issues promptly. If you’re in the … Continue reading

A Guide to Changing Strata Management Companies

Strata management companies help streamline the work of strata councils and ensure council and building owners meet their obligations under the Strata Property Act while meeting tenant concerns with a swift, satisfactory resolution.  If your strata management team isn’t meeting … Continue reading

How Pacific Quorum Helps Multifamily Property Investors Thrive with Hands-on Management

Only property managers with decades of experience and a clear understanding of the multifamily market can ensure multifamily property investors meet their portfolio goals. Pacific Quorum has become one of BC’s foremost strata property management companies by developing multifamily property-specific strategies to … Continue reading

Pacific Quorum’s Guide to the Latest Property Management Trends in 2023

By tracking the property management trends as an investor, you can capitalize on under-served real estate markets and drive a higher yield from your property portfolio. Industry innovators and leaders utilize the latest trends to make effective business decisions and … Continue reading

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